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The company Manibo srl, as established in the article 13 of the law 196/2003 and following modifications, declares that the personal data are hereby collected with the purpose of registering the user, activating the required service and giving information on the activities and services offered by Manibo srl, as well as on the events and activities organized by it. The collected data are processed electronically according to the laws enforced; Manibo srl guarantees the confidentiality of the data and that the data will not be communicated or diffused to third parties. The subject can exercise his rights as in article 7 of the above mentioned law (data access, correction and cancellation) at any moment, by writing to Manibo srl at: manibo@mani-bo.com

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MANI-BO Manipolatori Industriali Via dei Platani 17, 40010 Padulle (Bo)
Tel. +39 051 6468143 Fax +39 051 6468179
E-mail: manibo@mani-bo.com

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